Thursday, November 15, 2007

Patience in Installing

Tried installing Solaris Express Developer Edition last night. And spectacularly failed.

I have reserved a 60GB partition for the sole use of SXDE.

First, using the newer install mode, I wasn't able to get past 3%. Error log says that there is not enough space for an install, which is weird considering that I have three times the recommended hard disk size for SXDE.

Maybe I haven't formatted it correctly. So I run System Rescue CD, GParted it to be a linux swap partition.

Still no luck with the newer install mode. I try the tested interactive install, which put me through about 14 pages of configuration.

I was about to declare victory when suddenly it stopped at 97%. I gave the benefit of the doubt but reluctantly pressed the reset button after 30 minutes of waiting.

Well, at least Windows is still working, my data is still intact in another partition, and I can still update Prengster. Maybe I have to study some more until I get my hands on a PC running Solaris.

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