Thursday, November 22, 2007

Patience in Installing 3

Like most things in life, making things work on Solaris is not easy. Good thing there's the internet, but I had to struggle and sift through the many pages of conflicting, usually incomprehensible configuration instructions.

All I had to do was to do prtconf -v and get the PCI ID of my DLink Ethernet Card, and since it was Realtek-based, I had to link the driver rtls to the device by adding a line at /etc/driver_aliases, in my case
rtls "pci1186,1300"
That solved the problem, and I only had to restart NWAM and specify DNS when I reconfigured the system.

The issue I had with two separate HDs each handling a different OS may take time - I don't want to risk it by installing GRUB on the WinXP MBR and not be able to reconstruct my file system.

So right now, in between reading more documentation pages and trying to get to (that I am not able to do, for some mysterious reason), I am writing this blog post. On Firefox in SXDE 9/07.

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