Friday, November 02, 2007

I'm Oh So Pink

On my DTR today, I was reminded that I woke up late, rushed to the office, and was still 25 minutes late.

In the color pink.

I have nothing against the color pink, really. It's become a fashion statement for some, a favored color for others, and an ambiguous color to wear for men in general.

But today it just meant one thing - being late.

Well, it's a stretch from worrying about a zillion things all at the same time to not worrying whether someone dies from a change in priorities since you're not doing several things at once type of thing.

Or, in other words, it could have been worse.

Funny thing about following instructions.

While it's not unusual to see such blatant disregard for simple instructions posted conspicuously on the company portal, it is different when you see an overzealous officemate copy the same example email signature for one Juan dela Cruz.

Of course he's not that careless to change the name to his own parent-given nomenclature and department. He *may* just have overlooked some detail - his local extension number.

So, at least until he sees his email later today, he would have the same extension number as Juan dela Cruz. Peace tayo, Leif!

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