Saturday, November 24, 2007

Friendster is Closing Down - Amy Bruce

I'm always excited (well, not really) when I see message notifications on my email telling me that I got some message from a friend. It gives me that feeling of pride in the fact that somebody's interested in what you've been up to.

But for the last four weeks or so, I get messages from distant acquaintances that Friendster is "closing down" or that Amy Bruce "needs our help". Not that I didn't get those before (I mean, I've been on Friendster since med school) but now it seems to take on a spam-like quality. Especially since they have been debunked numerous times.

I blogged on this before, when Friendster actually did close down... I guess my handful of readers saw the irony, but the rest of the Friendsters-at-large haven't.

I guess I have better things to do, like speeding up the pace of learning Java (as part of my career shift - take note, soon-to-be-PhD Ms. PeƱaranda!) or formulating a short, concise, easy to read email about distance education (UPOU's next intake ends January 31). But it's just one of those things I have to get off my chest.

Technically speaking, there is no chance that your reposts could be tracked. Unlike email headers, which may (or may not) include the headers of the previous email, Friendster (and other social network networking sites) do not have the same information in their messages.

So even if Friendster is closing down, or Amy Bruce is dying, sending it repeatedly would not help matters.

It would be better if you sent me something about you being married, your blog, a business venture or seminar that you want to broadcast, a great must-watch movie, or other relevant posts. Or even those surveys.

Because then we might have something interesting to talk about.

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