Monday, November 12, 2007

Computer Not Booting

I went home today feeling that something was wrong. My instincts were correct when I attempted to turn on the computer and found nothing.

Not even an error beep, or a flicker before abruptly turning off.

Just silence.

No loose connections. No spills. Ethernet modem, speaker, and monitor working perfectly.

I remember buying my PC about 5 years ago. Now it's so slow compared to the dual core PC I use in the office.

I guess it finally gave out from the abuse that it took - emulators, all-night-downloads, and Windows.

Still, it's up in the air to declare my PC as totally dead. (I'm hoping that by some miracle it will still rise up from the dead and work like new.)

Methinks the motherboard and processor gave out - it was one of those first edition Athlon XPs. You know, the type where the unreliability factor was still high.

It would be very painful to see my PC damaged and unworkable. Not because of the sentimental value, but because of the new upgrades that I can't use. Especially the 1GB DDR module. If I need to get a new motherboard, I'll have to move up to DDR3. Painful - to my pocket.

I should get my Dad to spend for all this. After all, Christmas is near... and I need to learn Java.

Note: for the curious, I'm using an old Athlon 1.2 with 192MB RAM, Geforce MX 440, CD-R drive, no hard drive, and running Puppy Linux on CD. I gutted my 'better' PC and am running my internet connection from its modem.

Edit: It's an Athlon 900, and it looks like it's giving up on me too. The memory modules are supposed to total 256MB, but one side was corrupted so it's just 192.

Post-mortem: Charry (my sister) told me that she heard something explode inside the case and there were smoke coming out afterwards. Geez. I hope I can salvage the new parts I put into it.

Well, that's life for you. Haven't broached the idea of buying a new one (well, at least the essential parts) to my Dad.

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