Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wracking my Brains

When you find an interesting problem, such as comparing loans with different interest rates, and you seem not to be able to derive the equation directly by looking at the problem, you become frustrated, throw up your arms and give up.

Then you ask for help.

Fortunately the good professor that is author of the comprehensive book that I am studying for Java answered my question and sent me the solution.

I saw that there was no way I could have derived that solution myself. So I searched for a website, and came up with this. Why didn't I think of that before?

Sometimes we have to be reminded that we don't have to reinvent the wheel when presented with a novel problem. The most elegant solutions may just be within reach.

There was supposed to be an Emergency Medicine mid year convention in Bacolod City last weekend.

I mean, I was invited 2 months beforehand, but I didn't get any text message or anything that it actually pushed through.

Not that I would have wanted to go anyway - the amount of work that I have wouldn't have allowed me to dilly-dally and it would most certainly have broken the group's goal of perfect attendance this month.

Well, I guess that effectively eases me out of the medical scene for a while. Aside from the occasional patient that I help Joy with, the conferences I attend with her (as an excuse to be with her), and the officemates who randomly ask for advice, I don't have a personal stake in my old career.

Maybe I should think about more novel things to post, to replace the old Triage Tales series. Like code snippets, for example. Or the insufferable quality of some people to not follow simple rules.

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