Saturday, October 06, 2007

Random Notes 8

I started creating this blog post after attending a fun filled rock party sponsored by our company. I had loads of fun! Thanks to three shots of my favorite bourbon, good music, and friends that were different from the majority. When I say that, I mean they weren't stoic, staid, indifferent, and overly dressed for a rock party. Distinguishing between a rock party and a house/dance party should be one of the priorities to be tackled in a future meeting. =)

Opening the PDI site today, I find a curious link: By the time you're 30, your salary should be P120,000. Really? I have a little more than 3 years to go, and my salary's nowhere near half that. Hopefully my shift to computing would make this goal more attainable. Besides, Joel on Software's advice for college students sold me on the idea that it is possible to work on something you love doing.

Read more here: The Computer Science job outlook: Myths and Truths

But don't get me wrong, I'm not about to cut up my physician license card anytime soon; there is a lot of buzz in the office about me being a legitimate physician, and co-workers coming up to me asking about a lot of propagated myths about their health. I am relieved to be able to correct some of the more serious ones. Which opens the possibility of taking the stethoscope out of storage - but not in the immediate future.

Besides, I would be eligible for a Computer Science degree in about three years, at the earliest. I won't amount to scratch if I only had some code monkey experience.

On a different note, I've received notice that a lot more resignations from my batch are forthcoming. I guess it's natural to feel sad because of the friendships that would move away. But it's also a sign that in this fast and dynamic sector of business, change is a way of life. I envy their courage in beginning life anew - I spent a lot of time, money, and effort convincing myself to change not so long ago.

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