Friday, October 19, 2007

More Computer Travails, and Other Things

Last week I wrote about my apparent conquest of my computer problems. Not much of a conquest, or should I say it was short-lived.

Now my much-vaunted Vista install refuses to run; I'm way behind on Java; and I'm the unwitting messenger of long-held beliefs that are just beginning to surface.

But it's still a long way from last year.

I was pulled into what we doctors call a lecture symposium, but in reality a semi-junket that justifies the high price of pharmaceutical products. To justify the continued patronage of a certain product, a well-known "opinion maker" will talk about the recent findings in brief (or, out of context) while the mostly distracted crowd of doctors fiddle with their phones.

You know, I used to like this after a hard day's underpaid work. But now, having been exposed to basics of marketing, presentation, and the Steve Jobs way of introducing new information, these have turned into exercises in futility. Not very cost-effective.

I hope that we could outsource some work in this field. We are more cost-effective; we don't waste time on needless pleasantries and pointless talks on topics that we're supposed to know about anyway.

The Rock is always a good movie to cap a week's worth of work, don't you think?

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