Saturday, October 20, 2007


Writing this using IceWeas...

[crashed again - I meant to say, IceWeasel on Knoppix, PC with no HD and 192MB of SDRAM. Predictably, it crashed when I tried to multi-task.]

After a few hours...

It seems I messed up my system, thanks to an unexpected shutdown in the middle of resizing my second hard drive. It scrambled the boot sector, making it unreadable.

I was at a loss on what to do. Thankfully enough, my XP was unscathed (only problem was the loose IDE connector) so I was able to run Paragon Partition Manager Pro. Good for me, it restarted the scripts and my data was where it should be.

Moral of the story:
Make a separate partition for Data (e.g. Installers).
Sandbox installs before committing to a new OS.

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