Sunday, October 14, 2007

Better PC Conditions

Two weeks ago, I had a hellish weekend tweaking and installing life extenders on my four year old Athlon XP setup.

As an update, I did some things that have improved conditions somewhat.

1. I changed the CMOS battery 3 days ago. Before that, my PC would inexplicably turn off without warning. It was worse than seeing a BSOD - at least you see an indication of why your machine stopped working. The battery has been complaining for 2 years to be replaced. I guess part of it was corrupted CMOS settings that refused to load when Windows fetched them. Now,my PC works without turning itself off once in a while.

2. I repartitioned my new HD into 2 primary partitions, was able to obtain a clean copy of Vista (not the Vista Lite crap that I had in the beginning), installed the NOD32 award-winning antivirus program, and downloaded all the updates. Also planned my install tree to a more rational one.

3. Safari 3 Beta from Apple is the fastest, most seamless, and visually pleasing browser I have used in a while. I may not return to Firefox anytime soon - sorry.

I also went to Joy's office with the intention of knowing why their computer was near-useless. First, the PC was still running Windows XP SP1. Big mistake in this Storm worm infested Internet. Armed with Knoppix 5.1, I also found out that the PC had a nasty rootkit running that always ran on startup as a 16-bit shell program. With only 256MB of RAM on board, and about 10 background programs, no wonder a CPU with twice the processing speed and L1 cache as mine would run 75% slower.

Weird seeing a lot of unneeded programs in an office PC. No wonder it got hacked by some rootkit. I'm sure it wasn't Joy's fault. I don't see her playing House of the Dead anytime soon, or else I've got some serious competition!

Went to team-building/free dinner yesterday. Was very disappointed on not being able to drink as my hyperacidity acted up again.

Don't get me wrong, I love my current job. It's just that I can't get a decent meal at home before I leave at 5:45AM.

Besides, my house is too damn far to dare going home at 4AM. With 4 semi-rabid (!!) dogs guarding the gates, I might be on the receiving end of an animal bite. Even if they know who I am, I'm sure the darkness and my new cigarette smoke fragrance (second hand smoke) would make them think twice. I really hate the unpredictability of it all.

For the few adventurous ones on Windows Vista, you might want to download the Virtual DJ Radio Gadget. Nice diversion from the usual MP3s I have, and the dance beats keep me awake.

Please encourage me to go forward with learning Java. As a career changer, I'm not moving as fast as I would have wanted to.

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