Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Random Meanderings

And they mean nothing.


As I wait for my OpenEMM client to painfully load 3,000 addresses in 45 minutes, I browse through the Internets and see a curious blog.


I hope that whoever this guy is loses his SIM card, as he is a dangerous textmate. Imagine the horror of discovering all your texts published for the world to see.


Is it time to learn Java? My idle time sure lends credence to studying one of the most popular programming languages today. And it will ensure my place in a little cubicle,


I was able to talk to the company doctor yesterday, and it turned out to be a good, collegial conversation. I was expecting more of blame or disbelief in my decision to shift careers. (If you joined us just now, I have been pining for months about how unfair life is for doctors nowadays.)


I like that recent Dilbert strip with my name on it. Hope it doesn’t happen to me – again.

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