Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Long Hiatus

Hi Friends, I’m back. I still could not guarantee the same output from me before I was gainfully employed, but I will try.


I have not been posting as much as I would have liked. That is because


1.       I don’t have a reliable Internet connection at home.

2.       I’m hopelessly bogged down with work.

3.       I just caused my office PC to stop working entirely.


Sometimes a little knowledge is dangerous, and after discovering the awe-inspiring Vista Transformation Pack, then the masterfully creative Windows Blinds, I installed them both.


I then had problems connecting to my remote shared folder. My bright idea was to install Vista Ultimate on top of the working dual-boot Fedora/XP setup.


It wiped the stable MBR that worked for most units in the office. It was slow (because my machine only had 512MB of RAM). And it still didn’t solve the problem – I wasn’t able to browse my remote shared folder.


I only wanted to see the Sidebar.


Now, in my new system, I would have to make do with this Sidebar alternative, which is pretty cool.


I am still torn between looking for a Vista DVD (not some OEM crap) and setting up my PC to do some PHP.


My friend Mark tells me that I am slowly turning into a code monkey. I hope it doesn’t affect my human features.



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