Sunday, August 19, 2007

Random Notes 7

I've been up to my neck with work. Although it's not life-or-death like before, the work still keeps me on my toes. My bosses have only the best intentions for the company and I would like to think that I do too, so there is still much more to be done.

There is a real threat that my desire to institute some processes normally found in established businesses will be viewed as nothing more than grandstanding. I have never discounted the fact that overhauling systems that have entrenched people in their comfort zones would encounter opposition. But I was not hired to be a friend to all. I believe I was hired because I could give some value to the company. Nevertheless, having said that, I am not really bracing for any trouble that may come my way in the forseeable future. I am confident that my previous experiences have given me some insight and a set of stock responses should this happen.

Last week I have been to four consecutive dinners/product launching/"lectures" sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. Before when I was still within the chlorine-smelling confines of a hospital, I always viewed these events as a respite from the almost suffocating life of a medical resident. That is how deprived my life had been before.

Now, looking at the disinterested audience and expensive food, one must wonder if there really is a need for all these pomp and extravagance. They really must be paying doctors a pittance for them to prescribe expensive medicine on the strength of a good meal in a hotel.

The good thing was that I saw one of my brods again after 9 years. Technically, when we were introduced, I was still applying for admission to the Fraternity of the College of Medicine. It was heartwarming to see him, accomplished as one of the top urologists in the region, recognize me with a handshake and a short introduction. Joy could not help but notice both our faces lighting up when we talked after his lecture on Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. That's brotherhood for you.

With all the good things happening right now, it's hard to determine if there is something bad lurking around the corner or if I had already paid my dues to have this good fortune. Maybe I am too much of a pessimist to take stock of all the good things I already have.

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