Thursday, August 09, 2007

In My Life Today 12

Am still at the office, waiting for about 50,268 bounced emails to be processed. It'll take 18 hours before they finish - but I'll be home by then.

Today I wore my old hospital uniform. Not because I wanted to flaunt the M.D. embroidered on top of my breast pocket, but because I had nothing else to wear to work. And because I had stayed up late the evening before, I was sleepy. Imagine me being sleepy - you'd think I'd get used to staying up late, with the 24 hour duties and all.

Between viewing my progress on the emails, reading a Best Practice PDF, looking at 2 Excel files (no Carl, the numbers won't change no matter how long you stare at them), I am writing on my blog. Can't imagine that I'd be doing this last year, but hey, those are the breaks.

Today my beautiful girlfriend Joy is having her birthday. Happy Birthday Mahal!

I'll end this random post by sharing what I just discovered. If you have an unfettered fast internet connection at your home or office, goowy may be for you. The email capacity is 2GB, not too shabby, and it has a cool Flash-based interface for everything: IM, Mail, Games, even a Calendar. A good alternative - only if you have the bandwidth.

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