Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Early Morning Musings

I may have to start another flavor in my blog posts, as I have been waking up with regularity during the early mornings. It's either posting a blog entry or reading one of my Computer Science e-books.

Actually, I now enjoy reading the nuances of Computer Science. But as I am gently told time and again by the authors of the books I read, the only way to learn is to implement the things I have read. With my 5 year old PC slowly beginning to give out (or maybe just needing a thorough cleaning, that's all), I cannot do that at this time.

So I have to wait for a paycheck. And boy, work is hard.

I'd always emphasize that this is not as life-and-death as it used to be, when I wandered the hospital, aimless, pretending to be of help to patients who cannot buy medicine. But the work still is hard - in the sense that it is challenging, and I am forced to be creative.

Hard to be creative when you were used to following "practice guidelines" all the time. Hehehe.

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