Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tonton and Benjo on Evenings with Carl

My curiosity about the instantly famous YouTube videos was satisfied last night. I was finally able to watch the most-talked about and watched videos Benjo Mangayo Ko Kwarta and Tonton Ang Paghaharap.

I almost fell from my seat laughing. It was contemporary Ilonggo at its best. User talibong1, bless his heart, was able to create new cliches from recent movies using the elegance of the Ilonggo (or Hiligaynon, according to Wikipedia) language.

It reminded me of some comment I received two years ago. I am not a native Ilonggo speaker and so I fumbled around with my terms, conveniently substituting the nearest Akeanon equivalent to the consternation of my senior residents. I did not have time to watch local shows like Bongga! and Ratsada so I settled for the next best thing: Bombo Radyo.

I was having some mild success with the new terms I gleamed from the radio programs I listened to. Or so I thought, because one day a nurse came up to me and asked if I wanted to be a radio announcer - because I definitely sounded like one! After that, I resolved to listen to petty conversation for my source of "recent" Ilonggo terms.

That was not a compliment at all. But, on hindsight, if I wanted to be like my idol David Letterman, the easiest way to do that is through radio.

Maybe I could get talibong1 to guest on the show, don't you think ladies and gentlemen? Now that would be a great show. Evenings with Carl isn't a bad title at all.

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