Sunday, July 15, 2007

My Harry Potter Movie Review

I watch movies, but usually from the comfort of our living room, where there is easy access to food, water, and most importantly, the remote control. But, from time to time I watch movies on the big screen, especially if I like the genre (Casino Royale, Tale of Two Sisters), a sequel of a favorite movie (Ocean's Thirteen), by obligation (!!), or if it is for free.

The last reason made me watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. For starters, I haven't touched any of the books OR watched the movies. Not because I abhorred magic as the work of the devil, but because there is such hype surrounding the books that you can gleam elements of its plot from the sheer amount of discussion around you. I was aware that it was about an adolescent boy, magic, and a very bad person whose name should not be mentioned. That was about all I could muster about this series.

In all fairness to the movie, it had a coherent plot, with ample special effects, and a happy ending. I will not serve up details lest I be labeled as a spoiler, but suffice it to say that there is one objectionable scene that could break the movie's family fun image. But, if you have slogged through the book's reported 870 pages, I don't see how avid readers would be surprised at all.

Did I like it? I personally won't pay to see it again. I did see Ronin and Ocean's Twelve on three separate occasions, and those would give you an idea of how supportive I could be. The British speech may put off some kids from public schools (like me, I guess, if this came out 16 years ago) and the dark, malevolent tone may be too much for some. It was for me.

I will shudder if I see people calling themselves part of the Order of the Phoenix. Just as much as I winced 5 years ago when my medical school classmates conveniently divided the class into 4, and I was (rightfully) cast into Slytherin. I wonder if my old ER colleagues would find the irony of the character Dolores Umbridge and her similarities to a certain obsessive-compulsive person they know.

Now, about The Simpsons. That's a movie I'll watch for sure.

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