Friday, July 06, 2007

In My Life Today 11

My right cheek still smarts from my third molar extraction yesterday. True to form, the extracted tooth looked extra special: one fused root, and an accessory rootlet tangential to the common axis of the tooth. After close to 90 minutes, my new dentist had me transported to another facility with a portable xray, had xrays taken, and requested her husband to perform a most difficult extraction. All in all, I must say that I still do not relish dental work of any kind.

No new news on TV. Only the bickering over the 12th Senate spot remains remotely interesting. Oh, and some security guard shooting three people with his service firearm, a shotgun. Normal newsworthy item, if not for the audible comment of the Chief of Police:
"We have to make sure that security guards pass their neurotic exams."
That made me blink and woke me up from my sleep-deprived state. It was noticeable enough to drown the static caused by the throbbing pain underneath my right cheek.

Even Letterman was a rerun from a month back. Well it's not really something to complain about; ten years ago I didn't even know who David Letterman is. Now we're deluged with late night talk shows - thank my lucky stars we don't have RJTV here in Iloilo, or else I would sometimes be watching "Medyo Late Night with Jojo A. ... All the Way". My motivation to watch that show is to psych myself up and say that whatever may happen, I could always find work as a late night talk show host.

Haven't touched my Playstation 2 for days. I have either been asleep, fixing some loose ends, or 'brainstorming' for my inevitable/forced/required career change. I can hear the PS2 sometimes calling Just kidding there.

And, could Smart be any more longer in shipping my retention unit - a Nokia 6288? It's already been 2 weeks. I hope they don't just place ads tempting their customers with deals when they can't deliver their promises in a reasonable amount of time?

I hope that you, random reader, would be able to visit my Friendster profile. I always welcome new additions to my friends list.

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