Monday, July 09, 2007

Finishing A School

Our cable provider's inability, for some weird reason or other, to provide Animax as a channel, is pleasantly supplanted by "special channels" - mainly grotesque conversions of radio talk shows and rich kids showing off their less-than-terpsichorean talents. One such show is Smart Views, where our favorite Department of Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales Sr. is 'perpetual' guest, and shows off his loyalty to the President through sometimes controversial means.

Another is the 'forced' showing of homegrown parties and sorties to parts unknown. Tonight, one such show was the Debut of some Ilonggo girl whose spoken English leaves much to be desired. It was a notable party because days before, the Community Channel showed a slide with the beaming debutante, inviting "all invited guests" and then providing all the party details. Excess? Or maybe they spent everything on the party favors that they forgot to send out invitations.

Don't get me wrong, even with a headache, and mouth sores from the recent dental work I had, I still wouldn't sit through that celebration even if it meant relief. It was Divine Providence that made me watch during the crucial moment of the party. The beaming, I'm-dressed-with-all-these-gold-dripping-from-my-neck mother, giving her valued 'advice' to her debutante daughter.
When you finish your school, you're on your own.
My boredom turned into incredulousness. I tried to understand, even asking my Dad:
Hmmm, it would be hard to finish a school all by yourself. Were you able to finish a school when you were young?
Dad, ever the pragmatist, replied:
Why should I finish a school? The schools I've been through were already finished by the time I got there.

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