Saturday, June 30, 2007

Random Notes 6

Well, in spite of the best of intentions, I seem to be running into a brick wall as far as career is concerned. I should say limbo, but my preoccupation with the term here and here would make it a self-fulfilling prophecy. I hope not.

Despite all the pronouncements of the common people that doctors are arrogant and overpaid, this Pinoy.MD forum post belies the (latter) claim. If a cardiologist with a great practice would only take home P90,000, before tax, it would place him in league with call center Operations Managers with less stressful responsibilities and certainly less training.

As for some doctors being arrogant, I will direct you to skye's post about her experience. Who would disagree with me when I say that some doctors really have to get down from their soapboxes and treat their patients as partners in treatment?

So, because of the inherent inability of doctors to earn more than a decent living (as compared to other jobs), I am motivated to at least look at changing careers. In this 10-step plan, I am now at Step 4: Training and Education. And I just found out that my planned training pathway may not be open until the middle of the next year, or the start of the next academic school year.

Now I am just praying that something worthwhile comes up so I can begin the slow process of reinventing myself.

And, no thank you, I'll pass on the hospital work, at least for now.

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