Saturday, June 16, 2007

Iloilo City Police Clearance Requirements

A public service for those who, like me, rely much on the Internet for information. I had an unpleasant experience (that actually is still on-going) because the requirements for Police Clearance includes the onerous Barangay Clearance, which, depending on the barangay you live in, can be a pain to obtain.

You also have to get a City Court Clearance from the Hall of Justice. The room's on the right wing after you enter the building. It costs P50, and bring your cedula (Community Tax Certificate).

Bring 2 pieces of 2" x 2" colored ID pictures with white background. I couldn't be more specific than that.

Pay P100 for the clearance at the Iloilo City Hall. Since the City Hall moved into Robinsons Iloilo for the time being, you have to go there to pay for it.

Submit all of these to the City Police Office.

You can now obtain a Police Clearance for employment purposes. Which escapes me since there is also the NBI clearance... that serves the same purpose of determining if an applicant has had a previous criminal conviction.

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