Saturday, May 12, 2007

In My Life Today 9

I have not been updating lately.

Writers' block? Maybe. I also haven't had the luxury of working on my own PC, even with its slow connection.

The chest pains I alluded to were actually physical manifestations of my oft-published dislike of the medical training system in this country. This also makes me more prone to having a real medical condition in the near future.

As I wrote on my Friendster profile,
Most people who know me say that I am an open book.
So I am not ashamed to say that I am currently on Duloxetine to prevent any future catastrophic event from happening.

The Wikipedia entry says that one of its more notable side effects is blurring of vision. I am more inclined to proffer that as the reason for my lethargic output.

But anyway, all is well, and even as the two-week requisite period for SNRIs to work has not yet lapsed, I am constantly, but pleasantly, considering all the options in front of me.

Ironic, then, that even as I yearn for a simpler life, my hope for a bountiful career necessitates some compromise.

My friend Mark and I were eating at the famed Virgie's Ihaw-Ihaw (or now known as Grill Haus) near the San Andres Gym and we were lucky to be finished with our sumptuous, artery-clogging liempo lunches just as a crowd was forming.

Overheard: "Punta ka dun o, para magka-P200 ka."

Happy Mother's Day tomorrow to my Mommy, and as a brod said in our mailing list, "all the girls you have made mothers."

Now excuse me while I watch some Ang Dating Daan. What can I do? I only get 2 channels on my TV.

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