Monday, February 12, 2007

Public Service Announcement

In this 2007 election, and since you have been smart enough to read my blog (or surf the Internet, for that matter), please look at this senatorial candidate closely:

Dr. Martin Bautista

He is a UP College of Medicine graduate, trained in the U.S. and worked there for 17 years before deciding to come home and do something for the upliftment of the Filipino people. He is on a principled crusade with Ang Kapatiran, a different political party. In his own words,
Ang Kapatiran is a different party in that principles and platform come before candidates. The Party has clear and specific objectives that enhances the common good. It promotes the politics of virtue, public accountability and duty. I agree with the priorities of the Party: moral principles over political expediency; needs of the poor over the interests of the rich and powerful; common good over special interests; life and peace over death and violence.
Please read about the party and their principles. It is going to be a long battle.

Ang Kapatiran


On My Way Home (Dr. Bautista's blog)

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to endorse said candidate. It is only by the strength of his political beliefs and the integrity he represents that I am campaigning for him.

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