Friday, February 16, 2007

Nothing Could Be Farther From The Truth

Instead of launching into another tirade against the system, I'd like to reproduce in full a letter to the Philippine Daily Inquirer entitled Why Filipinos excel on foreign lands:

WE learn through the media that many Filipinos excel in their chosen fields of endeavor in foreign countries. This is because they are in environments where justice, fairness and equality reign. Not only that -- the governments of their host countries provide them a lot of opportunities, protection and support.

Nothing of this sort here in the Philippines where the name of the game is injustice and inequality: rampant graft and corruption in government, police and military involvement in criminal activities, iniquitous taxation, useless legislation, movie stars in Congress, promoting instead of firing public officials involved in irregularities, etc.

What is wrong with our country is emphasized by a driver who faithfully follows the traffic rules and regulations inside the Subic Freeport, but once he gets out of its premises, behaves on the road like he is in a jungle, bound by no laws.

ROMY PIOCOS (via e-mail)

I could not have said it better myself.

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