Sunday, February 04, 2007

"Nicole" - again

I posted about "Nicole" a short while ago, mostly about
Why then go through the motions of shielding her identity with the eponymous Nicole? I don't get it. Sana hindi na lang.

If the activists, feminists and even the lawyers are working to protect Nicole, no, Ms. Nicolas' interests, why reveal her identity?

Is she running for office? Because I hear the sympathy vote is big this year. Not to belittle her ordeal, but don't you think people have expressed their sympathy enough?
and the more lopsided, bordering-on-idolatry post of the
caffeine-overdosed psycho junior, apparently from Manille, PH.
who now goes by the name of "Nicole" (What the fuck?!), and with her blog now named Tarzan must have had very rough hands.

To refresh you, here are some "enlightened" parts of that post:
Now, we're all entitled to our own opinions. For one thing, i pity "Nicole" (a little) because she represents the Filipina yada yada yada but please don't hate me when I say I don't believe her. Anything that she said, for that matter. A few of my friends, a teacher of mine, and I think that "Nicole" was, to begin with, a p-word. You know, a w****. I've scanned some articles in the internet about this and according to some accounts, "Nicole" and Daniel were laughing and partying together before they had *toot*. And another, one time, Daniel was intervied in 24 Oras and he looked really sincere in what he was saying and looked really really really really innocent. Oh gosh. See? So, I watched the news, footages of him being dragged from the media, from the courtroom to the police car. He looked so pitiful. I wanna hug him, hug him real tight. Awwwwwwwww.
I wish Nicole the blogger had half the sense of Xiaxue, who recently had flak (and 566 comments as of 7:30AM Manila time) because of this post:
I can understand how some girls can feel all violated and disgusted when some old fat man rapes her, but Smith!
So she immediately clarifies her position with this enlightened post:
1) I do not believe Nicole was being raped, but indeed, had consensual sex with Daniel Smith.

2) Rape by a good looking person is less traumatizing than rape by an ugly person.

3) Am I saying that a good looking person can never be a rapist?

4) In the unlikely scenario that Nicole indeed got raped (which I do not believe in, but hypothetically speaking), I think that Nicole asked for it. BUT I don't think she deserved it.
Hey now, I won't leaf through 464 freaking comments (as of 7:30AM Manila time) on my 56K modem. I won't give my personal take on the issue, aside from the conviction that, hey, there are more gruesome events like an Unidentified girl raped and killed in Guimbal town. And that Filipinos should be more concerned about the safety and well-being of their children as compared to the whinings of an adult who knew better than to hang out in a bar and get herself drunk.

What I would say, though, is that by writing your comments less like a rambling, overdosed-on-overpriced-caffeine, wasting-away-my-inheritance-party-girl, and more like the educated person you claim to be, you can have all the right in the world to be Self-centered and egotistical.

Even I couldn't claim as much.

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