Sunday, February 18, 2007

In My Life Today 5

Nine months ago, I posted this and this - proving that, indeed, when I am in a lot of stress, I am more forthcoming regarding information on my day-to-day life.

Currently I am reevaluating if I am up to the challenge of wrangling the beast again. Sure, I may not be working a minimum of 78 hours in-hospital, or have a clear exit strategy this time around.

But I still am preoccupied with Chase H.Q., Snow Bros., and Salamander 2 on MAME. Hey, that takes away my time as much as the "normal" gamer spends his on DotA.

It is in these vague times I am thankful that I have such a small readership, if at all. Then nobody would tell me why I have posted My Honor Is Called Loyalty when it was far from finished.

For the curious, I am here in my house resting up from my ECT for Depression. You see, one of the side effects is retrograde amnesia, so aside from posting in code notable events or emotions that I would really like to remember the next day, I also read my medical books and watch R.O.D. - the TV -.

No, you can't have access to my medical records.

On a whim, maybe I could volunteer for one of the politicos' campaigns this election? The "allowance" could go a long way for me, who is in limbo... employment-wise.

I could help myself to their stickers, snicker at their campaign jingles, steal some tarpaulines to send home for use as covering material, and marvel at their Curriculum Vitaes (or their lack of).

It is doubly sad seeing health care workers not able to provide for their personal medical care, especially when they are afflicted with a clearly hospital-acquired infection. I've been there too, and I see a lot of other colleagues sick all the time.

And the man on the street is wondering why there is a mad dash for doctors and nurses (and doctors who became nurses) to get out of the Philippines. If only Juan dela Cruz knew that the chance of a doctor contracting Tuberculosis maybe 20x that of the common Filipino.

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