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Random Blogs, 5 Jan 2007

For the regular readers of my blog (all three of them, hehehe), you all would remember my misguided post on a blog entitled I'm hanging by a moment here with you :). I made some comment about me being bored and posting in between doing my Tintinalli Report.

Now I revisited the blog, mainly to distract me from more mature material on the internet. Apparently the site is now named "There's always something." And a nice watercolor rainbow shelters the words: "It's the hardest thing I'll ever have to do, to turn around and walk away, pretending I don't love you..." Aww, isn't that nice? I hope I could figure out what the hell she means by There's always something.

I wish I could code a blog like Elise. Since I could not find any permalink on her articles, I am quoting a specific article in toto so that you can read about one day in the life of Elise. Whoever she is.
Friday, December 22, 2006
11:55 AM
Two days ago, I watched Lemony Snickets:A Series of Unfortunate Events. I only watched the last parts.gah. I was browsing channels a lot that time and still, I didn't notice that it was the movie on HBO. The only time I noticed it is when I browsed again and saw Liam Aiken's face :).yeah. I don't get the story. :|

I am now eating chocolates that were given to my mom yesterday. :) It's so yummy. :) I really love chocolates. I just don't like white chocolates. I watched a certain show in where they said that white chocolates aren't really chocolates...and now,I'm about to finish the whole chocolate bar. nice..

Who watched game ka na ba yesterday? :)

Our new neighbors are making me mad. grr. If they're gonna live in the building,then they must follow the rules.Every single day,I've been seeing different people entering and coming out from the house. Even if our door is closed,even if the radio's loud,I can hear their voices. Last Tuesday, some people were out there in front of their house drinking.Is that right? After a while,they got their utensils and started eating. It is alright to eat and drink,okay...but they must stay inside their house. The man wasn't even wearing a shirt...and you know? I passed by them 'cause I had to fetch my sister from her friends' house. WAEPEK. They still stayed there like they didn't know that where they were was a passage way.

Enough of that.

I became addicted to Welcome to the Black Parade much more when I knew the meaning. :D

Thank you for the Christmas gifts Sherica,Ate Sheryl,Ate Irish,Nielle,Nicole and Andrea!

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WOW. Buti pa siya, she just didn't get the story of a movie she was only able to watch at the end.

Word of advice: I had my share of trouble neighbors, during my adolescent years. The old adage is certainly applicable to "troublesome" neighbors: "If you can't beat them, join them." Eat and drink outside your house, make noise like there's no tomorrow, and invite all your friends over.

Alternatively, follow your heart and expound on the "grr" factor. Run amok and then blame it on your neighbors.

Of course I won't disappoint you with just that... here is a more intelligent blog, mainly because you'd have to do a Ctrl+A to see the black text over black background.

How much would you spend for a night with me?

Alright, admit it, you might have thought that this was a blatant solicitation. I swear I was relieved to read (after pressing Ctrl+A) some sensible stuff. What hit a nerve was her "dilemma" of being elected to a position she does not wish to keep, and what to do after having surmounted all the responsibilities, stress and pressure. Read it and weep - Drunk with Politics.

My rarely used abrasive prowess was mustered from the depths to deliver my trademark scathing retort:
If you kept up with responsiblities, stress and pressure, and earned the respect of your peers, and bosses, inspite of getting your elected position on a whim, then why do you label yourself as someone "who only got air up in her head?"

If it was me, I'd do whatever I want with the trust I earned. Especially since I don't give a damn about my position anyway. But that's just me.
Well, in closing, I hope my sojourn into the unknown and commenting on other people's outputs have entertained you a bit. Although you should see Elise's site for yourself.

If you would like me to feature some blog (so I can replace the regular Triage Tales until I can get my hands on some new material), leave some comments here or visit my Friendster profile. I'll be waiting.

Edit: After some clarification from the author and the whole page actually loading on my 56K connection (thank you PLDT!), the sensible blog mentioned above is now linked.

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