Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Random Blog, 9 Jan 2007

Well, not so random. Lazy that I am, I decided to "mine" my Haloscan comments and look for interesting blogs that are equal to or superior to mine.

roadtrip - mga kuwentong jeepney

Joe, is a UP student, not different from myself many years ago. Unlike Elise, and presumably due to the rigors of the premier State University, you would see more structure in his posts.

While I could try to relate to his almost-melancholic posts on the requisite one that got away, I won't. Been there, done that.

What he doesn't show in the blog (well, your clues are a mention of the Wii and PS3) is his use of an emulator to play Game Boy Advance games on the PC.

One particular passage in his recent post regret piqued my interest:
xxx ...through our small contraptions that are supposed to connect people. xxx
Nice Nokia touch there.

Cellphones, love 'em or hate 'em. We take these things so much for granted now that we can't imagine life without them. But it also has become a shield, a layer of impersonality that enables people to pretend they're interested. It works as a ball and chain too - you can be followed, whenever, wherever.

What happened to meaningful conversations that enable you to feel the pulse of another person through his words and body language? And, for the love of all of us, what happened to proper grammar and composition?

On a more personal note, I wonder if I should invite my old colleagues from work to read my blog. So that they could stop wondering how I am doing.

Of course I am doing fine, thank you very much. Am on electroconvulsive therapy every other day, with some social activities once a week. The amnesia is kicking in and I don't recall most of the hardship I endured.

Just kidding about the ECT.

PS. Joe, here's something about Final Fantasy V. Although it may not have the same pizzazz as the Golden Sun series, its balance and depth makes up for it.

I am such a Nintendo fanboy.

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