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Random Blog, 8 Jan 2007

Well, it seems Tinka's changed her post to something more reflective of her current state. I'm happy that she took that original post apart and made a longer, more explanatory post.

Anyway in line with my random blogs theme, using my Blogger search tab I do a search for "nicole smith". The theme maybe is for one week only - I have a very poor record on maintaining anything more than my FFXII play time.

As you may well know, "Nicole" is the pseudonym of the alleged rape victim in the celebrated Subic Rape Case. Celebrated, that is, by the media and by foaming-at-the-mouth feminists and anti-imperialist activists. Lance Cpl. Daniel Smith of the US Marines was convicted and sentenced to 40 years. From what I understand, the case is on appeal, and to follow developments would convolute my post further, so take it as it is at this point.

Now, I am not one to take sides on this issue and inflame tensions further. It may even affect any potential visa applications that I may file in the future (well, to be on the safe side...). I am here to magnify 1 lesser known-fact: the real name behind the pseudonym.

A sampling of the sites clearly indicate that the victim's name is Suzette Nicolas.

Daniel Smith Found Guilty of Raping Suzette Nicolas

Docket Files: Media Coverage on the Subic Rape Case

US marine gets 40 years for Philippine rape

Why then go through the motions of shielding her identity with the eponymous Nicole? I don't get it. Sana hindi na lang.

If the activists, feminists and even the lawyers are working to protect Nicole, no, Ms. Nicolas' interests, why reveal her identity?

Is she running for office? Because I hear the sympathy vote is big this year. Not to belittle her ordeal, but don't you think people have expressed their sympathy enough?

Which brings us to the Random Blog for today courtesy of the aforementioned search, from the caffeine-overdosed psycho junior, apparently from Manille, PH. Reminds me of another French-sounding high school classmate of mine who later said that he did not socialize much because there was no house music to dance to then... another story for another time.

still looking for le mot juste.

The post if you're feeling generous... is... well, you decide for yourself how ironic this is

Wait. I'll get to that later. I was excited to go home cos i wanted to watch the evening news. why, you ask? well, they gave the verdict for the Subic Rape Case today. And as f***** up as it is, tis' true. There were four accused. Three were acquitted. One was not. And it had to be f****** Lance Corporal Daniel G. Smith. Demmet.

[image of Smith flanked by two men in suits, presumably during the verdict reading - carlshark]

Look! How angelic... *sigh*. 'Tis got to be the hottest rapist I know. [Emphasis added - carlshark] As if I know a lot. But even so, was he really a rapist to begin with? ;;)

Now, we're all entitled to our own opinions. For one thing, i pity "Nicole" (a little) because she represents the Filipina yada yada yada but please don't hate me when I say I don't believe her. Anything that she said, for that matter. A few of my friends, a teacher of mine, and I think that "Nicole" was, to begin with, a p-word. You know, a w****. [Emphasis added - carlshark]I've scanned some articles in the internet about this and according to some accounts, "Nicole" and Daniel were laughing and partying together before they had *toot*. And another, one time, Daniel was intervied in 24 Oras and he looked really sincere in what he was saying and looked really really really really innocent. Oh gosh. See? So, I watched the news, footages of him being dragged from the media, from the courtroom to the police car. He looked so pitiful. I wanna hug him, hug him real tight.[Emphasis added - carlshark] Awwwwwwwww.

Judge Benjamin Pozon on Monday sentenced Lance Corporal Daniel Smith to 40 years in prison for raping a Filipina at the former US naval base in Subic Bay last year.

40 years?!?!?!?! Come on. That's just too long. At least, he's staying in Pinas. The other 3 flew for Okinawa already. At least he's just a city away. Makati city to be exact. Makati City JAIL to be more exact. Lilly and I are planning to make a visit actually. Were we kidding? *wink wink*


on the brighter side :D,
if you're feeling a little bit generous, why not donate to me your starbucks receipts? :D
if you do have them, please give them to me immediately because I think then I'll only have two days to get the stamps or something. Not really sure. :D

P.S. "Nicole"'s real name is Suzette Nicolas thank you very much.

Wait a second there.

The more recent post, aptly named extremely giddy, would mention
And reader, please bear with my school girl crushes. Either that or just close this window for I'm sure, there will be more to come. *evil cackles*

Did you know that Daniel Smith has a laptop computer in his room and occasionally surfs the internet. Nothing. Just a random sharing. LOL.[Emphasis added - carlshark] But don't you think it's rather unfair that he has a laptop within his grasps when, after all, he's been convicted as, well, uh, he's been convicted. period. Wtf?

Okay, so

1. I presume that you think, like a few of your friends and your teacher, that Nicole was a puta. You are entitled to your own opinion there. In the strict sense of the word in Filipino usage, it connotes solicitation of sex for a fee. I personally would believe that she would do a Bakekang. I also would believe that people should not be so judgemental, e.g. Nicole is a puta, or Daniel Smith is an American rapist pig, or [insert current Philippine president's surname here], tuta ng Kano!

2. I know that you think Daniel Smith is the hottest rapist you know. Please qualify that statement: how many rapists do you know?

3. And to borrow caffeine...junior's expression, What the fuck is up with Cpl. Smith having a laptop computer? And able to surf the net?

I know, it's her blog content, and I don't have any claim to that. I am just disturbed to know that conundrums like this exist and, by the power of the internet, published for public consumption. I'd want to know what she would do if someone like Daniel Smith actually tried to assault her. There is a thick line between "school girl crushes" and "hottest rapist".

Oh, and if my readers are wondering what le mot juste means, The Free Dictionary says that it is an idiom, meaning "Exactly the right word or expression." Go figure.

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