Saturday, January 06, 2007

Random Blog, 6 Jan 2007

I seem to be on a roll as I stumble on another blog and am piqued enough to make some comments, unwelcome as they may be for them. Well, if the recent change of my favorite blog from Elise is any indication (now simply named elise), I think I may have done some good in the world by "encouraging" more coherence and less magical thinking. But what happened to the old design?

Anyway, I followed a comment by japboy regarding some phobia about doctors and laser surgery of abscesses. Which is not really unfounded, but it sure would be expensive using lasers to vaporize an abscess. Besides, I'd prefer doing it the hard way, with anesthesia... but that's just me.

I follow the link to his blog sintunado and find a 15 year old who passed DLSU but is disappointed that he did not pass Ateneo. Even going so far as to label Ateneo "the dream school".

Now, I don't have anything against Ateneo, as my friend Tala de la Paz is from that school, and she turned out very well. But I also have a lot of sworn enemies people that have issues with me that graduated from that place. Many more than friends. So, I don't know if there is a greater concentration of assholes hateful people graduating from there.

My unsolicited advice: Go to UP. You demonstrate intelligence and while you may benefit from the structured activities in the exclusive schools, you will never find skills that you could gain from the premier State University.

You can be a Communist. (Personally it is more fun to be a Republican.)

You can learn to ride a jeepney (if you haven't), and deal in the severe politics and bureaucracy that is distinctly UP in flavor. They don't call it Unibersidad ng Pila for nothing.

You can develop all the street smarts in the world, join the right (or in most cases, wrong) Fraternity, establish some 733+ street cred, or eat your fill of isaw (before getting Hepatitis A).

So, for your impressionable 15 year old mind, I humbly advise you to go to UP or to any other State University for that matter. You'll save your parents a great deal of coin, so that when you run off and impregnate someone you can use the excuse of having studied cheaply. With the pretext that your savings will be used for child support.

You can always go to Ateneo if you succeed in life. I hear their MBA is good.

That was fun. Till next time.

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