Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

Some random notes:

I attended the 10th informal annual Newton '96 leftover Christmas Party on the 26th. It is named as such because:
a. 10 years ago, the last great Newton batch, a social experiment that saw its members practically unchanged since the 2nd year, graduated from the only Special Science High School in Aklan
b. Leftover Christmas Party because of the practice of bringing some leftovers from the traditional Noche Buena dinner to the party. Also as a convenient excuse to parents, and later life partners, to go and meet other people, drink and spend the night out of the house.

Newton '96 as a social experiment will be discussed in the future, when I muster the literary prowess to create such a treatise.

I have actually looked forward to the few times I am able to attend such a party. In the early years, the chance to rekindle and reminisce the exciting time spent in a public high school seldom burdened by academics was always a treat. Tales of the (mis)adventures by our more colorful classmates (mine notwithstanding) being recalled over bottles of beer or more adventurous hard liquor. And, when the alcohol has reached therapeutic levels, someone breaks out into song (with or without a Magic Sing).

This year we crashed in the house of Ryan Yeban, CPA, newly graduated with Ll.B. As he has always been a gracious host for the past years, he will forever be in the collective class gratitude. As more and more of our classmates have moved out of Aklan and into much greener pastures, fewer and fewer have been able to attend the party. Also, with the advent of what they term as marriage and childbirth, the conversation topics have inevitably steered towards keeping a house in order, and the customary "What do you do" question is now standard.

This year I brought 2 bottles of Gran Matador Solera Reserva brandy, from my Dad's Christmas allocation. And, truth be told, I was able to finish about 600cc of the stuff. So I was barfing the next day, all during the trip back to Iloilo City!

But, the few precious hours I spent with classmates Ryan, Michelle (Fulbright Scholar, Ph.D. in Virology, University of Washington) who was our pseudo-Guest of Honor, and others capped my 2006 fairly good. To the next party! Although, if plans turn out for the better, I may have to attend the next party another 15 years from now...

My New Year's Resolutions? More like a prediction of how my 2007 may turn out.

I have arrived to the conclusion that I should lower my expectations when it comes to the medical realm. Without elaborating further, maybe the adage "Third time's a charm" would ring true... I am currently looking at alternative careers that would not shorten my life expectancy and still not make my prior training useless.

Corollary to that, I may not be able to continue my Triage Tales series. Due to a lack of acceptable material. Clinical material that would not be censored, is appropriate, and does not show the utter shortcomings of the Philippine Health Care System.

Previous posts intimating to purported USMLE preparations may not apply in 2007. I have always maintained that my prolonged leave without pay has successfully deterred any attempt to self-destruct; I may need all of 6 months to recover and maybe more. I made a promise to the Personnel Board to come back, and I will honor that promise in some form or another. So maybe one or two more posts when I come back, and then on to a different series once the "Third time's a charm" adage is fulfilled.

My trusty Sitemeter statbox has led me to artsy bitsy. Thanks for the link! I am in awe of people who are trying to raise their children inspite of the difficulties of doctors here in the Philippines.

In 2007, I will be hearing more of the Gunslinger Girl Original Soundtrack. Particularly Tema II. Haunting violin solo. Makes me want to buy a SIG P239.

If only Outrunners would run full speed on my PC...

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