Friday, January 26, 2007

Credit Cards Aren't Magic

I wasn't able to post anything these past few days, with all the maneuvering I had to do and the ECT sessions. Also, my 56K connection (Thanks PLDT!) sometimes gives up and stops working. Maybe about 50% of the time. Just think about it: I have actually posted this article (or a derivative of it) about three times in the past week already.

I'd like to briefly issue this statement regarding my "patchy hodgepodge" of a blog. I may write, on any given day, about: obscure video game references; pseudo-medical cases; or armchair quarterbacking.

Cut me some slack. If I really wanted to entertain you, I would have gone the Elise route and wrote something like this:

I hate it when something goes wrong like this!!!

All my Playstation 2 memory card saves have been corrupted by the Action Replay!

Hrmpf. Received a lot of letters today. What do they mean?

Anyway, I'm going to the mall later to see some friends, and maybe my therapist.
Or, I could go and reformat my blog for the 3,426th time.

If you want some samples of my earlier, sophomoric works, you could do well to look for the Scholars' Gazette from my high school. Or you can look for Johanna delos Reyes, I'm sure she still has her slumbook somewhere, where I wrote about 5 pages' worth of mundane ramblings.

I wouldn't claim that my writing has improved far from my pointless adolescent pieces. I could claim, however, that I am doing a better job of keeping you in the dark regarding what I really do, and how a doctor manages to have time maintaining a blog.

Anyway, the title corresponds to this video clip from YouTube. Enjoy!

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