Monday, December 11, 2006

I finished it!

After logging more than 82 hours of play, I finished Final Fantasy XII. That was just basic playthrough, with all my characters at level 59 and most of my License Board filled up (less than 10 panels); most of the needed spells (Regen, Bubble, Bravery, Curaja, Esunaga among others); and Diamond Helm and Armor.

And, I am proud to say that I used a walkthrough ONLY for the following areas:

The Tomb of Raithwall - HALL OF THE DESTROYER
The Demon Wall was so tough and I did not realize that running away WAS an option.

The Great Crystal
What the hell? How am I supposed to navigate without a mini-map? After going in circles for an hour, I had to see if there was a real path to the exit.

Pharos at Ridorana
If I wanted to spend whole mornings and afternoons navigating through all those way stones, I would not use a walkthrough.

That achievement diminishes the need to continue playing. Hahaha!

FFXII is a superb game with good balance; I was motivated to see this through the end, spending more time than the 60+ hours I did for Final Fantasy V (Playstation version, not the ROM).

I am even tempted to join the Judges and become Judge Magister. But that armor would be too much... maybe a stint as a researcher at the Draklor Laboratories or at some jagd would do me some good. Hehehe.

The nice conceptual artwork that accompanied the credits were nice touches. It reminded me that the game is a masterpiece, and while some of the concepts never looked the same in execution, the vision remained the same throughout.

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