Monday, December 18, 2006


100 hours of game time later, I have continued my FFXII game to do some hunts. Currently I have gotten 41 marks including Fafnir and the pain-in-the-ass 1200000+ HP Behemoth King. Good thing the quest gives out 500000 Gil and Rod of Faith as the "End of the Legend" spoils... Clan Rank: Knight of the Round.

My PC is threatening to give up on me... and I haven't subscribed to an online question bank yet. Auto-shutdown after a while - this tells me that I have either a power supply (PSU) problem, my Registry file is broken, or my motherboard is shorted out. Just my luck. The Fates tempt me.

I'm adding brod Remo's blog to my links section. Congrats on being a diplomate already. Nice layout brod... although if I tried to replicate it, I would wreak havoc on myself being frustrated by the slow 56K connection and the compile time with all the bells and whistles on the code. I'll stick with my old layout. That CBox just isn't my style...

And, my sis Alikoy's site is nice, too. It's refreshing to know that the Phi brods and sisses are such ardent bloggers... does it mean that we show such transparency in our lives as seen in our blogs?

Before my PC suddenly blinks, I finish this post with a random quote on Direction:

"In no direction that we turn do we find ease or comfort. If we are honest and if we have the will to win we find only danger, hard work and iron resolution." - Wendell L. Willkie, American Republican presidential candidate in 1940.

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