Monday, October 02, 2006

When It Rains

Imagine the shock of my life when an unscheduled stop at my second favorite mall (by virtue of having the nearest DBP ATM from where I come from) turned into an agonizing wait. The drizzle that accompanied me to the mall turned into a deluge while I was having my KFC dinner and buying my Globe cell card. One hour later, I go outside and *BOOM* the water is knee deep. People are scrambling for the pedicabs and calesas to bring them to LRT Central Station.

I go back inside and contemplate on my next move. Watch a movie? Dead or Alive might be too cheesy, Fly Boys sound ridiculous but its premise may be a little too National Geographic-ally for my taste. Play some PS2? With the mall closing at 9PM, 30 minutes may be too short a time for some MGS3. So I go into the nearest Jollibee and eat some comfort food - a Chocolate Sundae with some Iced Tea on the side.

Good thinking for me! I left Jollibee just as the mall was about to close. The rain has stopped, and the mall was kind enough to provide some sort of bridge from the curb to some dry land in the middle of the road. A lot of people crossed, with some consternation from those lucky enough to be in cars. Upon reaching the other side, another bridge beckoned, with a wet gatekeeper holding up his pail for some coin collection for his trouble. I drop a five peso coin for his ingenuity and my feet never getting wet.

I ride the jeepney back and get off on the wrong side of the gate. I had to pay a trisikad another ten pesos just to cross. All in all, I spent 25 pesos for transport, which is not bad considering a tablet of Doxycycline costs twice as much.

All the while I was thinking that if I was in Iloilo, it would be very rare to experience something like this. And, I wouldn't be so paranoid in getting leptospirosis everytime my feet gets immersed in flood waters.

Today we learn what we have been fearing for a long time. But it is to be expected of people who have no integrity, who are destined to become the charlatans of our time. Crocodile tears is an understatement. I have never seen such deceit in all manner of human endeavor or enterprise. Not even in sports entertainment.

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