Thursday, August 24, 2006

Long Hiatus

I know not everyone would be interested in the workings of my personal life, but I guess the few people who are scanning this page should at least know what has been taking up my time these past days that I haven't updated my blog.

You also might notice that I left the previous post unfinished. I lost track on what I should have been writing after all those quotes, a scathing rebuke of people who only have loyalties to themselves.

I have been busy with the final touches of my exam 10 days ago, as well as punishing 24 hour duties. The office PC has also been bogging down a lot these days - or should I say the network supplying the bandwidth to the office. And I have been contemplating some radical career changes (again!) that might give me more leeway in studying for succeeding exams and a better future.

Friends, I hope I can still update my blog as often as I would have wanted. At least I'm making an effort here. :)

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