Monday, July 10, 2006

En-Snow is N-Snow

This is an update to the classic post Cannot Seen But Can Eating:

My sister informed me, on our infrequent lunches at Binondo, that En-Snow had new packaging and was already grammatically correct.

Passing by a kiosk, I see with my two eyes the familiar blue bottle with blue-silver labeling. Can it be En-Snow? But it had a new label and it was fairly, professionally made.

I was interested and I had to read closer. There was a Philippine distributor!
Unit 901, Dasma Corporate Center
#321 DasmariƱas St., Binondo, Manila, 1003 Philippines
Tels: (632) 2434333 / (632) 2449286 • Fax: (632) 2411779

Now if you ask me, I like the original packaging better. And no, I won't change my blog subtitle anytime soon.

Edit: Website here

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