Sunday, June 04, 2006

A Letter from A Nephew

Hi Tita! Haven't written to you in a very long time. Many thanks for the Step 1 fee, naghihintay lang po ako ng scheduling permit at document verification form.

I am trying to squeeze in some time for study here and there, but nowhere near the material I am supposed to cover. I think I have made a mistake in trying to cram in 2 years' worth of clinical material. I hope I can still pass and get a decent score after everything is said and done.

I am in awe of my classmates, most of them having already been matched and will start their U.S. residencies this June. I accepted the fact that I cannot afford to have put out the same kind of investment that they have; if only I could have started the process earlier.

Sana ma-update pa kita ng mas madalas... if all else fails, magnunurse na din ako. Recent legislation being passed will lift immigration quotas for nurses. J1 visa waivers will not be issued by the Philippines for its doctors as a shortsighted way to solve the exodus of underpaid medical professionals.

I wish I could have written my letter in a more cheerful tone, but as the way things are, I could not bring myself to be cheerful.

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