Wednesday, June 21, 2006

German Measles not from Germany

Finally after six days, a proper PC to read my emails both from the PhiNet and my high school class (best ever!) Newton '96. I still feel like crap, but marginally better compared to the hellish arthralgia I had on the first day of my illness. Not helping is the thought that I have to return to work after my sick leave lapses.

In the spirit of continuing medical education, I tried to read up on German Measles. Wikipedia as always is a great starting point, and so I learn that Rubella virus is from Togaviridae and is particularly hard to isolate.
The name German measles has nothing to do with Germany. It comes from the Latin germanus, meaning "similar", since rubella and measles share many symptoms.
Really? I always thought it was called such because it was seen more in fair-skinned people. Silly me.

Read this site if you want to see the other side of Philippine society. Poor people are so overrated, this site seems to scream out. I always chuckle at the look-at-me-I'm-a-nice-little-person antics of this person. It might be sad for others to watch.

I bumped into one of the HR people from a call center I tried to apply into. Or, to report accurately, I think she might have noticed me as I was the loudest person in the corridor, looking red as a beet and with the bloodshot eyes to boot.

Come again? Call center? Yes, in my infinite wisdom, I applied to a local call center (let's say the company's name was callbox) and it was not to spite them - it was for a legitimate Plan B in case I chickened out at the last minute and did not accept another backbreaking hospital tour of duty. 6 months into it and I was wondering if I should have taken the Plan B - more time for study for the MLE.

Well anyway, not to take anything away from the Call Center Industry, screening was real damn hard. I'm not really a great English speaker. Written English is way better for me, considering that I wrote this post in 3 hours. So I can imagine how they can only accept 10-20 applicants out of 1000.

I had to send in my resume, and they contacted me after two weeks for an interview. Then there were two interviews, and you have to be impressed with their neutral accents, their ease of conversation, and the general confidence that they exude.

How did it go for me before? I was accepted, barely. I understood why I was accepted, and they were very transparent in their conduct of the interviews and skills assessment.
Contrast that with the first job interview I had, where a certain Dr. David Consunji, in all his greatness, asked me "Do you really think I'd allow someone like you to be in our Department?" I hope he saves more children with that line of questioning...

I had to turn down the callbox gig, saying that I might reapply in the future. I may look into it more seriously. I never said I was discarding my Plan B.

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