Thursday, June 22, 2006

Back to be fried again...

I will be leaving in 6 hours. I will be leaving the relative comfort of a real home, and return to a hot and humid room in a hospital dormitory.

Two years ago I told myself I will not apply to a residency program Manila because the eight years I spent there effectively reduced my life expectancy.

So I applied to a reputable program, closer to home. I enjoyed it for a while although it became clear by the 10th day that I would be doing the work of two people and a secretary. I made new friends as I maneuvered my way into unfamiliar territory.

But as the months passed, it became apparent that the specialty was not as rewarding as it appeared on the outside. I took a long look and decided to leave.

When I was still with my previous employer, I thought about the options I had. Definitely the way to go is to seek employment in a foreign country. I still did not have significant experience so I went to a program which provided the experience, and the opportunity, to realize my goal.

How ironic, then, that I would be rethinking my decision one year ago. I had to swallow my pride that time and take back what I promised myself, that I will not return to Manila if it could be avoided. The only programs that afforded me the chance to practice abroad were only in Manila.

I find myself in the same "untenable circumstances" that I endured before I left. Curiously, it did not involve the amount of work - it is easy to get around that hurdle. It is dealing with the people you work with that is the obstacle.

I now realize that there is no worker's Shangri-La, that there will always be a star, or "someone who does not play well with others." Will this be enough for me to stay put?

As the years go by, the windows of opportunity start closing one by one. I will equip myself with what is needed to get through one of those windows, and even if I find the exact same circumstances, at least I would be compensated properly.

For now, or for the next two or three months at least, I would have to endure the purgatory of the Male Residence Hall Dorm 3.

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