Friday, June 09, 2006


Thought I would be loathing this symposium by this time, but so far it has been good - free, decent food; nice personal finance lecture (although I really didn't find anything new); and a free book. Not bad for a compulsory thing.


I do not hate the symposium per se. It was sponsored by Nicardipine and had Efren Ll. Cruz lecture on Personal Finance (although I knew most of what he talked about... the problem is in the execution), and Dr. Diaz on Stroke in the E.R. The bonus for the evening was the free IMAX tickets they gave every participant. Yeah!

Because of the current situation (which frankly is pushing me towards the breaking point - time for plan B), I had different reasons on why I was not so peachy keen on going. Remember, this was a pre-duty day, and we were able to get back to the hospital at 10:30 PM, seriously disrupting my beauty sleep.

I may be sporadically posting some new, odd idea. Although not as beautiful as the EN Snow post... But as straightforward as you know I would be. I've outgrown my "Paranoia" long ago...

*My kilometric entry in one high school slumbook was entitled "Paranoia". Filled with "big words" in a haphazard manner only a high school student with too much hours reading Reader's Digest and Inquirer.

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