Sunday, May 14, 2006


Just came back from a get-together of my classmates in medical school. The party was an excuse to spend the excess cash from collections for the graduation.

I have to say that people have changed a lot in the last two years. The content of the small talk reveals how much everybody has changed.

When we were interns, we were more concerned about the number of patients we see in the wards, how expensive things are in relation to our allowances, the specialties we have learned to love and hope to be a part of, and of course, the conviction (or aloofness) in the attainment of the so-called American Dream.

Now, two years after graduation, you hear about the number of patients we see, how expensive things are in relation to our salaries, the specialties we are now a part of (love or hate, that is another matter altogether), and of course, someone's progress through the journey towards a career here or elsewhere.

Oh, and off the cuff remarks regarding sex are much more tolerated now that people are beginning to settle down and get married.

I could only imagine how it will be in 2029. Shop talk will get a little more complicated...

As for me, back to Pharmacology and my own personal pursuit of the American Dream.

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