Sunday, May 14, 2006

In My Life Today 4

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I talked to my Dad a few days back regarding career prospects,
specifically the provision of starting from scratch all over again -
in the pursuit of the American Dream. He reminded me that great men
have to start from somewhere, and that he barely earned enough to
support his family when he started out. He also said that our family
was blessed enough to have provided us with more options, and that no
one in my immediate family has forced me to work at the outset. He
finally said that if it would be my decision to stop, rest, and focus
on the USMLEs, they would support me wholeheartedly all the way.

I am relieved to have felt such an overwhelming gesture of support; at
the same time it does not clarify the situation - the ball is still in
my court.

I am worried beyond belief.

Haven't been able to contact my girlfriend for about 2 days now.

Did she lose her phone? Or damage her SIM card?

I hope I could get some answers soon...


I was able to contact her, thank God. Because of Typhoon Caloy, there were power outages in Western Visayas. She wasn't able to charge her phone. But all's well that ends well. =)

I like what was said in an episode of Gray's Anatomy. To paraphrase,
Knowing is better than wondering.

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