Tuesday, May 02, 2006

In My Life Today 2

I try to be less dramatic in my posts, it makes me look more sedate than what I usually am perceived by people. But due to lack of any noteworthy Triage Tales material, I will continue to bore or excite you (whatever the case maybe) with updates on my life.

I just received my ECFMG number today. And I am so confused with the different advice people have been telling me about Step 1.
Study everything.
Study only what is needed.
Study the sample exams/Qbank.
Take all the time in the world to study.
Study everything in 5 months or less or it will hurt your score.
Resign and take some time off for serious study.
If you can study and take the exams while working, why not?
Take your exams after that program instead.
If you're not as confused as I am, please explain everything so that it may make some sense.

Actually, I pride myself in the fact that I always have an exit strategy. Well, most of the time, and especially when I am faced in situations that are undesirable.
Take medical school, for instance. Today I visited the Student Records section of my medical school and the staff there (Ate Lucy and Ate Pearl) reminded me of my old ways. In my 8 years there, I always told them that I would take a leave of absence for one year. That never materialized, but the option of leaving kept me sane, knowing that if the stay became unbearable, then I could just walk away and leave.
Which I did, in the first real job that I had. I saw better opportunities elsewhere, and I saw through the god-like arrogance, the cavorting and the flirting, finding a specialty with colleagues fighting over the few paying patients that I had. Besides, if I would spend 5 whole years in a perpetual 36-hour duty, and would additionally have to take up Nursing to augment my income, I should have stayed home and invested all that money someplace else.

I survived a month with some of the more "endearing" characters in the ER. Now, I am in a more challenging team, with the most politico-like senior in the person of E.D. How I wish I wouldn't be caught in the crossfire, or worse, in his little old chess game. But then again, the karmic circle is still in effect, last time I heard.

Oh, and for the secondary hospital who sent us a 54 year old male, GCS 13, with right sided weakness, preferential gaze to the right, and was treated for 7 days as a CVD bleed without the benefit of a CT Scan, I hate you.

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