Sunday, April 09, 2006

Regarding "People Skills"

karlmd reposts my Triage Tales 10 and it has this comment:

Anonymous said...
Why in the world are members of the medical profession *so incredibly defensive* when questions are asked which they don't expect to be asked??? The ER Officer should not have become so defensive when the companion asked that her friend's blood pressure be re-taken. Friends/relatives of patients *are* under stress when they're dealing with their loved ones in an emergency medical situation. If this member of the medical community had any "people" skills at all, he probably would have realized that after the blood pressure reading was re-taken as the companion requested, the companion would have calmed down a bit and/or run out of questions.
9:04 AM

karlmd said...
welcome to my blog, mr/ms anonymous.
i'd really like to say 'point taken' but i've had my share of experiences with bantays like these and i really do try to be patient with them. i can't claim that the medical personnel in the fictitious story above tried to be corteous but im guessing he was. being under stress is certainly not a good enough excuse to be rude. trust me, we do try to understand patients and their families. we were taught to do that in medical school. but one can be humanly patient only to a certain extent.
10:41 AM
In Triage Tales 10,

1) The Medical Intern, Triage Officer and ER Officer was courteous. At 10 PM and after about 90 different patients since 7AM.

2) "Ms. Castro" showed incredibly contemptible behavior and distrust for everything medical that was being done. It's one thing to ask, another to demand something and make a big fuss (read as: pointing her finger, raising her voice) about it.

There are a lot of other background information behind that story. Wait till you hear it in Filipino. As the ER Officer would have said (because this is a fictitious story), "nagkaroon lang ng pera, ganun na lang umasta...." Other patients and their companions who witnessed said event scratched their heads in disbelief after the smoke cleared.

Let me just say that in every service-oriented part of society, be it an Emergency Room, a hotel lobby, a laundry shop, or even the counter at Jollibee, sometimes you would see 30-odd year old brats who want things done their way everytime. Hell, even the one sitting in the other terminal at this internet cafe had to relocate three times this evening because it took a long time for Yahoo!Messenger to load on her terminal. A long time being 45 seconds more than usual.

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