Thursday, April 27, 2006

In My Life Today

It's been a long time since I posted anything on this blog. Although I am not really fond of broadcasting what has happened in my life, today I will explain (to those who will read) the reasons why I have been amiss:

Post-graduate Course. After all the last-minute hurried preparation, and me forced to buy a barong for the occasion, there was a feeling of closure when it was over. Not accomplishment, closure.

Monday Case Conference. I was eaten alive by a consultant. That is the short version. The long version:
I was tasked to discuss the emergency management of a case of intestinal obstruction. As is the usual practice, I sent out an invitation to a certain division in Surgery for them to provide us with a resource person. Emphasis on resource. The patient was seen at the triage and preliminarily assessed before being triaged to Surgery; I was actually presenting the case as managed in the ER by the Surgeon On Duty and the very team of residents from the same division. That division sent their top consultant. And this consultant questioned elements of the history and PE I presented, the same history and PE that was done by his residents. But discretion is the better part of valor, and like a good Surgical Emergency Medicine resident, I just smiled and noted his comments. Good thing my Chairman saved me from further needless questions by turning it into a teaching session, which was actually the role of the resource person. Dr. Alberto Roxas turned it into a Mortality and Morbidity review.

Basic Life Support to the Jesuit Health Care nurses and caregivers. Actually this was a bit okay but then it was still a task on my post-duty day. At least we received T-Shirts, Bukas Palad CDs, and a cool keychain. I would come back for the keychain.

Eric Gamboa giving a surprise visit at the College. In his infinite wisdom, my batchmate decided to give a T.G.I. Friday's lunch to brods, knowing fairly well of the low turn-out because it was in the middle of summer vacation. At least you were able to fulfill your wish early, to be able to pay for lunch of the resident brods. On your PGY-1 year pa! Hehehe. I did sneak out from the ER to catch some lunch. Don't tell anybody.

Interns' Orientation. I had to come because my senior told me to. I learned some Pathology stuff that I (unashamedly would admit) did not know until now. Things like why blood extraction time matters to the lab techs. So, another reason not to stay:
    No STAT Xray
    No STAT labs
    No STAT meds
That's just about everything...

Will anybody save me from getting insane and tell me that ECFMG has received my application and is beginning to process it?

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