Monday, April 03, 2006

Iloilo Trip


I am winding up my 40-hour trip to Iloilo, typing on a PC that I haven't seen for three whole months.

I was lucky enough to have a break this long that accommodated my trip. It reminded me of how much I did not like returning to Manila, with its smog, hot air, and arrogance.

It was a welcome break from the ennui that was residency, and the high stress situation that is the Emergency Room. I was on the verge of turning an about face and starting from scratch again - resigning for the second time. I did not realize how thankless my job has become.

So excited I was that all the plans I had for this trip remained plans. I forgot some things, discarded other plans altogether

This trip reminded me of the people behind me, of the reasons why I took a chance to return to Manila in the first place.

And so with a heavy heart I return to the big city and stick it out for a little while longer, until that proverbial silver lining behind the dark cloud appears.


On a lighter note, my itinerary included two of the gastronomical places that Iloilo is so famous for. Ironically they are located near each other in the district of Mandurriao but I visited them separately on different occasions.

Tibs Rock is famed for its oysters. I am a sucker for oysters (no pun intended), and in previous trips I was able to down two trays of these delights in one sitting. On this occasion though, I felt a little tired from the trip, post-duty and all, so I was only able to eat through just one tray.

Mango Tree. A new place, and looks more like some rich person's patio than a restaurant. A date place it really is. Try their grilled chicken with basil sauce.


I will resume writing my Triage Tales once I get back to the regular grind. Although I have just a handful of readers (erratic at most), sometimes the most important people get updates on your life from an innocuous blog.


Joy, although our short quality time may seem routine to you, I would declare without hesitation that I would be going insane if it took a little longer before I could see you again. And every second of those precious hours counted. I love you.

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