Friday, December 16, 2005

Perspective Card

Friday night, alone in an internet cafe.

Having accomplished all but two of my remaining tasks - required orientation and temporary lodging. The last one proves to be a pain, and I am wary of asking for additional help from the parental units.

Wearing a polo shirt, nicely embroidered with the logo of my 'new' program. I will be changing my "in between jobs" status very soon.

I made a "perspective card" just before coming here. I felt that I would keep my "eye on the prize" with the perspective card. There is no other alternative for me. If I fail this one, then it would be mediocrity for sure.

Received a curious email the other day.

"We might be able to consider you in the next batch of trainees (no definite schedule yet), that is, if you are really still interested in working with us."

This is the result of applying to a call center and me being absent from the orientation due to "unforseen circumstances". They were almost incredulous when they received my application. I remember the HR person telling me that she had half a mind to reject me, because she wanted me to be a doctor instead.

Of course I emphasized that I will be able to receive more money for far less work in a call center.

Of course I told my American interviewer that I had to save up money to be able to leave for greener pastures.

What I did not tell the people I encountered was my consideration of the third pathway...

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