Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Excuses and Realizations

"Me taking the MLE was an excuse to delay my eventual residency. An expensive excuse, at that." - overheard

No, I think you really did consider finishing all three USMLE steps but your visa application got disapproved so many times, and you did not get the magic 90s, that you just gave up.

And now you chide me for considering my specialty as a "Third Pathway"? Please. I am convincing people to continue their dream of being compensated commensurate to our long periods of study.

Have been awake since 2am, and cramming in some work before lunch. I hope to maximize my stay here in the former Queen City of the South before I am exiled.

Still haven't resolved where I will stay...

Only good thing is that I've been cleared medically. Yay!

Things will always work out as they do.

Ivan, I don't think you read my blog, but I heard from this post (and read in the Philippine Star) that your hospital president resigned. I hope it does not affect your training chances, but I would have wanted for you to be at our old alma mater instead.

"so many stories, so many realizations. thats why i encourage young doctors to try even for just two years. the hospital you can come back anytime. there may be something wrong with a system that only brings doctors to these areas for only two years..."

From this thread

I don't think it's for everyone... a stop-gap measure that will place an idealistic doctor in the unenviable position of dealing with power- and money-hungry politicians, a nagging misdirected insurgency, and the common talangka mentality.

It is not too late to dream, and be it world peace or worldly riches, any dream is fit to be pursued.

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