Wednesday, November 16, 2005

You Cannot Change Other People

Today, in the Novena Mass sermon, the Irish priest reiterated one of life's simple lessons that are so hard to follow: "You cannot change other people, people can only change themselves."

You may go around reading that paragraph, nod your head... and 15 minutes later launch into a tirade about how 'some' people are so resistant to change.

I, for one, am not spared from making a fool of myself, trying to change other people 'for the better'. Like the younger students I tried to recruit into my Fraternity; people I wanted to enlist in get-rich-quick schemes that ultimately failed; and close friends who were on the verge of self-destruction.

So, to spare ourselves some aggravation, the priest admonished me and all the others who attended Novena Mass, to "gently remind them of their mistake, and then let them be."

Easier said than done.

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